About Us

Floorball is not broomball. It's not ball hockey. It's not sticky-ball.

It's floorball!


Floorball, also known as Innebandy, Salibandy, and Unihockey, is a sport enjoyed by millions around the world with its own distinct set of rules and traditions.

Floorball is a team game of skill and speed. The emphasis is placed on passing, positioning, and as much quickness as you can muster!

 Zac Stares

Here in Fresno we've been playing the sport since 2002. Nearly two decades of experience has lead us to this: The Fresno Force competing in the 2021 North American Floorball League

Look for us as we begin to create development opportunities, open up youth leagues, and train coaches. Then, in June come out and support the local team as we host the first ever professional floorball games in the United States. More info TBA!

We're building a team. We're building a movement. Join us!